Pendle Bike Racks

Pendle Bike Racks - Top Quality BRITISH MADE bike racks - bicycle transportation at its best.  Buy a bike rack you can trust with Pendle Bike Racks, manufacturers of high quality and great value for money bicycle carriers and storage. Ease the burden of carrying your bicycles with the Pendle Bike Racks range of innovative roof cycle carriers for tandem cycles, a wide range of 2,3,4 bike capacity bike carriers for attaching to tow bars, spare wheels and car boots, and 6 and 12 bike trailers, which are extremely popular with cycling clubs, councils and schools. As well as our popular range of bike storage stands. Built to last, our bicycle carriers and trailers are STRONG, SIMPLE and SAFE.

Bike Storage
Wheel Support Racks
Hang-On Tow Bar Racks
Roof Mounted Racks
Strap on Racks
6 and 12 Bike Trailers

Pendle Engineering Ltd is registered in England and Wales under No. 4078627.

Registered address: Pendle Engineering Ltd, Pendle Industrial Estate, Southfield Street, Nelson, Lancs, BB9 0LD
Tel: (01282) 699555, E-mail: info@pendle-bike.co.uk