Enjoying a day out on your bikes shouldn't mean worrying about getting there so we have compiled a simple guide to help you choose the rack that is right for you. Cars and bikes are expensive and cared for items so it is important that you pick the right rack for the job.

Tow bar Mounted Racks (Available to fit Behind the Ball or On the Ball)

See our Towbar mounting guide for information on choosing the right mounting for your towbar.

Tow Bar Wheel Support (2,3,4 Bike Standard or 2 Bike Heavy Duty or 2,3 Bike Tilting) 

  • The most car and bike friendly type of rack.

  • The rack fits onto the tow bar, via a mounting block and doesn't touch the bodywork or interfere with the car.

  • The bikes are held apart from each other. The bike is placed into two wheel supports and held upright be a vertical support, then secured by three straps.

  • Fits a wide range of bike shapes and sizes.

  • The rack can be used for storing your bikes at home with one of our optional garage mounts.

  • The best choice for regular users and serious cyclists.

Tow Bar Hang On (3,4 Bike or Discovery or Land Rover)

  • Same simple, solid, car friendly tow bar mounting options as the Wheel Support racks.

  • Bikes are hung onto two support arms by their frames and strapped to each other and the rack.

  • Different offsets allow clearance for 4x4's and flat backed vehicles.

See our measuring guide to choose the correct offset.

Strap On Racks (Standard or Wheel Support)

  • Ideal for less frequent or budget users.

  • Available in 2 Bike Wheel support or up to 3 bike hang on types.

  • Wheel Support type keeps the bikes separate.

  • No need to fit a tow bar or roof bars to your car.

  • Requires some care and skill to get the correct fit for your car but is very secure afterwards.

  • Touches your car's body so you need to take care to keep the rack and the paintwork clean to prevent scuffs.

Roof Racks (Fork Mount QR,15,20 or Tandem)

  • A great car and bike friendly alternative to a rear mounted rack.

  • Fork Mount Roof Rack is a very solid and dependable fitting for a wide range of compatible bikes.

  • The only way to carry a tandem.

  • Likely to cause more drag, therefore higher fuel consumption than a rear mounted rack and be awkward to load on tall vehicles.

  • Our racks work with square or aero roof bars up to 65mm wide. 


  • Check our Fitting Guide to see which racks are suitable for your car.

  • We also make racks for 4x4 spare wheels and trailers for carrying 6 or 12 bikes.

  • Remember: Safety First – Rack and bike should always be secured and safe before travelling on public roads.

  • Light units are a legal requirement if your rack covers your lights or number plate. 

If you need to know more about our tow bar mounting options see our guide.