Tow Bar Rack Guide.

When purchasing a Pendle Tow Bar Rack, it is important to be aware that the racks are available with two different types of mounting block for the tow bar. Which rack you purchase will depend on the type of tow bar fitted to your vehicle. If you have a swan neck tow bar fitted you would need a rack with a ball mounting block, which bolts around the tow ball. One cannot tow at the same time as carrying a Pendle Bike Rack with a ball mounting block in place. If you have a two-bolt flange type tow bar, the usual rack to purchase would be with a type approval mounting block as one can still tow with the rack in place, dependent on which rack is purchased and how many bicycles are being carried. However, a ball mounting block can also be used with a two-bolt flange type tow bar as it can bolt around the tow ball, but towing at the same time whilst carrying a rack would not be possible. The code for a Ball Mounting rack is BM and the code for a Type Approval rack is TA. Please note that Type Approval and Ball Mounting racks are not interchangeable.

A maximum of 2 bicycles can be loaded whilst towing, as more may interfere with the turning circle of what you are towing. It is recommended that one checks that the rack does not interfere with the turning circle with and without bicycles loaded before setting off on the journey, as turning circles vary.

Tow Bar Rack Measuring Guide

Land Rover Arms (10" Offset)
Discovery Arms (6" Offset)
Standard Arms (No Offset)

The diagrams below show how to measure your 4x4 to ascertain whether it will need Discovery arms (6 inch offset) or Land Rover arms (10 inch offset) to provide clearance around the spare wheel. The dimension “X” refers to the measurement you take. You may find it easier to measure by holding up a long spirit level to the edge of the wheel and measuring the distance from the spirit level to the tow bar at the height of the tow bar.

Standard Flanged Tow Bar (2 bolt) – measure from the point where the ball is bolted on to the edge of the wheel.












Swan Neck Tow Bar – measure from the centre of the tow ball to the edge of the wheel.






The dimension X for my towbar is: