We offer two different types of mounting block so our racks can be used with any type of tow bar.  The appropriate mounting block depends on the type of tow bar you have and whether you wish to tow whilst having a rack in place. 

This section is if you wish to purchase an additional mounting block for a second vehicle.  Always ensure you purchase the same type of mounting as your original rack.  The racks do not interchange between the different mounting blocks.

Behind the Ball Mounting (TA)

The Behind the Ball Mounting Block is designed to fit between the towing bracket and tow ball of a standard two bolt flange tow bar. The Behind the Ball Mounting Block is very strong, sturdy and secure.

Towing may be possible whilst carrying bikes using a behind the ball tow bar mounting but this depends on which rack is purchased. The product descriptions will state whether you can tow with th...

Price :£58.00(prices include VAT)


Ball Mounting (BM)

The Ball Mounting Block fits onto the tow ball of swan neck towbars and also onto the tow ball of standard 2 bolt flange type tow bars by bolting around the tow ball. The mounting block is a very strong, sturdy and secure fitting and is moulded to the shape of the tow ball.

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You ...

Price :£58.00(prices include VAT)