Spare Wheel Mounted Rack with Fixing Plate A

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The Pendle Spare Wheel Rack is the ideal bike rack solution for 4x4s with spare rear tyres if you do not have a tow bar fitted. The rack slots through the spare wheel and has a mounting plate attachment, which bolts securely to the wheel fixture on the rear door.

In order to fit the rack, the spare wheel needs to be removed. Once the wheel has been removed, the mounting plate should be lined up with the bolt holes and the wheel should then be replaced and bolted on again. The main section of the bike rack can then be fitted. The horizontal bar, which the bike rack arms sit in, can be adjusted according to the position of the spare wheel i.e. left, right or centre to ensure that the bike rack does not overhang the vehicle.

The mounting plates come in a variety of different fittings according to vehicle type. Please refer to our fitting guide to find out if the Pendle Spare Wheel Rack will fit your vehicle and which mounting plate you will need. Please check your spare wheel mounting for any hooks or unusual fittings. We test standard models at dealers but sometimes particular models with different wheels may have been fitted with non standard wheel mountings. If you are unsure we are happy to advise you as to whether the rack will work with your vehicle.

This rack is supplied with fixing plate A,B,C or D. Please see compatibility checker for your vehicle.

You may need to purchase a lighting unit if the bike rack prevents your number plate and back lights from being seen by other road users.

Please note that it may not be possible to replace your spare wheel cover once the bike rack is in place.

We recommend that the bikes placed on the rack weigh no more than 15 kg each.

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Rack Capacity: 2 bikes