Behind the Ball Mounting (TA)

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The Behind the Ball Mounting Block is designed to fit between the towing bracket and tow ball of a standard two bolt flange tow bar.

The Behind the Ball Mounting Block is very strong, sturdy and secure.

Towing may be possible whilst carrying bikes using a behind the ball tow bar mounting but this depends on which rack is purchased.

The product descriptions will state whether you can tow with the particular rack.

If you are going to tow with one of our behind the ball racks fitted, we recommend that no more than 2 bikes are placed on the rack and you should always check that your turning circle will not interfere with the bike rack loaded with and without bikes before you set off on your journey.

Please note that the block is supplied with fitting for an electrical socket.

Choose the correct version to match whether you have single or double light sockets, we include a bracket for fitting them to the mounting block.

For further details on Mountings click here Mountings


Please note that Behind the Ball and Ball Mounting racks are not interchangeable.


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