Hang-On Tow Bar Racks

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Pendle Tow Bar racks are designed to be a simple and dependable tow bar mounted rack.

  • Two 'L' shaped arms easily fit into the tow bar mounting and carry the bikes by their frames.

  • Fits a very wide range of frame shapes and types.

  • Bikes are strapped together using the supplied webbing straps and secured to the rack.

  • Car friendly – sits on the tow ball and doesn't touch the car's paintwork.

  • Different arm offset options are available, these move the bikes further away from the vehicle to clear spare wheels or the bodywork of cars with very flat backs (eg MPV's and 4x4's). See our measuring guide.

  • Carrying capacity of up to 15kg per bike. (Make sure the nose weight of your towbar is sufficient to support the combined weigh of our bikes and the rack)

  • These racks can't be used whilst towing a trailer or caravan.

Arm Options: Available in 3 or 4 Bike Standard Arms, or with 4 Bike Discovery (6” offset) or 4 Bike Land Rover (10” offset) options. See our measuring guide for further information.

Behind the Ball Mounting – This option is to fit the 2 Bolt Type tow bar. The mounting block is sandwiched between the tow ball and the tow bar and becomes a permanent part of the assembly. The block does not affect the use of the tow ball although this rack cannot be used whilst towing. Choose the correct version to match whether you have single or double light sockets, we include a bracket for fitting them to the mounting block.

On the Ball Mounting – This option is to fit swan neck type tow bars or the ball of a two bolt towbar. The mounting block clamps onto the tow ball using 4 bolts and can easily be removed in order to use the tow ball for towing. Although the rack can't be used while towing.

See our tow bar guide for more information on tow bar types.

Available in - 3 or 4 Bike capacity Standard offset, the Discovery and Land Rover offsets are 4 bike capacity.

Weights: 3 Bike – 6kg, 4 Bike – 8kg, Discovery – 8.5kg, Land Rover – 9kg.

Note on use with motorhomes – We do not recommend using ‘On the Ball’ mounting racks with motorhomes. We recommend checking with the manufacturer of the tow bar as to the suitability for use with a ‘Behind the Ball’ bike rack.