6 Bike Trailer

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(Model illustrated with optional spare wheel)

Engineered with the highest of quality in mind, all of the bicycle trailers in the Pendle Bike Racks range are strong, sturdy and above all a safe and reliable way to transport your bicycles.

The Pendle 6 Bike Trailer is an ideal solution for anyone wanting to carry more than 4 bicycles at any one time. The trailer is fitted with individual bike slots or wheel mounts, which are adjustable to allow for various sizes of bicycles. The bikes are separated by tilting vertical supports, which the frames rest against. They are then held securely by straps, therefore maintaining the bicycles in an upright position to ensure safe transport. A lighting unit and a relevant strap kit are supplied with the trailer.

Raised Supports for longer bikes: Now available with optional raised tyre supports at the front. The front 6 tyre supports are replaced by raised versions which allow longer bikes to fit outside the chassis. These are recommended for any bikes with long wheelbases, particularly downhill mountain bikes and electric bikes or any bike with a wheelbase greater than 1100 mm. 

Tandem enthusiasts: There are fittings available to enable tandems to be transported on the 6 bike trailer. Please enquire further.

Delivery and Lead Time: 6 Bike trailers are manufactured to order and are subject to a 5- 10 working days lead time.

Please note that as this is such a large item it is not subject to our usual delivery charges.

After ordering we will contact you to discuss delivery costs based on your location.

Standard delivery is of a palletised trailer which requires some simple assembly (two people may be required for lifting the chassis, assembly consists of fitting and tightening nuts and bolts and requires spanners and sockets).

Pallet delivery is usually £65 but may be subject to change for an 'all day' delivery slot.  We also offer 'enhanced delivery' options of Pre-10am or nominated timed delivery at an additional charge of £20.00.  Delivery of a fully assembled trailer may be arranged but will be subject to extra costs.

Spare Wheel: A spare wheel is available, click here.

Other spares are available to existing owners, please call or email.

Our trailers have just been updated to gain Type Approval.

It is now a legal requirement that all new trailers sold in the UK are type approved.

Trailer Capacity: 6 bikes

Order Code: TR6