Tilting Wheel Support Rack

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This rack takes the popular wheel support rack and adds a tilting feature if you need to get access to the boot while carrying bikes.

  • New tilting function with double safety features enables the rack to be tilted to an upright position to allow boot access for hatchback and estate cars.

  • The most versatile rack in our range – fits almost any vehicle with a tow bar and almost any bike. The ultimate in car and bike friendly travel.

  • Brilliant, simple mounting system. The bike is held in place by both tyres and leans against a vertical support, giving a very solid and stable fitting. Straps secure the bike to the rack at these 3 points.

  • No fiddly, gimmicky bike clamps that could damage the paintwork or don't fit your bike.

  • Adjusts to fit your bike in seconds, adjusts for wheelbase, frame shape and bike widths.

  • Check your vehicle's nose weight – the combined weight of the rack and bikes must not exceed this. See below for rack weights.

  • Carry bikes at up to 15kg each (see our Heavy Duty Wheel Support for heavier bikes).

  • Includes light unit.

Behind the Ball Mounting – This option is to fit the 2 Bolt Type tow bar. The mounting block is sandwiched between the tow ball and the tow bar and becomes a permanent part of the assembly. The block does not affect the use of the tow ball although this rack cannot be used whilst towing. Choose the correct version to match whether you have single or double light sockets, we include a bracket for fitting them to the mounting block.

On the Ball Mounting – This option is to fit swan neck type tow bars or the ball of a two bolt towbar. The mounting block clamps onto the tow ball using 4 bolts and can easily be removed in order to use the tow ball for towing.

See our tow bar guide for more information on tow bar types.

This rack is not suitable for vehicles with external spare wheels, sideways opening tailgates or vans as they will not be able to open the door with the rack tilted.

Take a look at our garage mount for turning the rack into a home storage system.

Capacity Options: Available to fit 2 or 3 Bikes at up to 15 kg per bike.

Weights: 2 Bike – 15.5 kg, 3 Bike – 19 kg.

Retractable Tow Bars - If using with a retractable swan neck tow bar, you may not be able to retract and stow the tow ball with the 'On the Ball' mounting block fitted.

The light unit is fitted with a 7 pin plug, we can supply a 13-7 Pin Adaptor for vehicles fitted with 13 pin sockets at extra cost.  Please contact us for more advice if you think you may require this item.

Note on use with motorhomes – We do not recommend using ‘On the Ball’ mounting racks with motorhomes. We recommend checking with the manufacturer of the tow bar as to the suitability for use with a ‘Behind the Ball’ bike rack.